Sunday, October 17, 2010


The view is good. Pike's Peak is to the right and mostly obscured by the terrain. That is an abandoned homestead on another property in the foreground.

The dining room. I'm not anticipating any dinner parties. In fact, if the structure permits I may take the wall down and join it to the living room. It's wasted space now.

The spare bedroom. I have moved the office to the larger basement room.

The main bedroom. Yes, I'm still on the air mattress. After three years you get accustomed to it. [Edit: I now have a real bed.]

The living room. Small but adequate. If I get a wood stove, one piece will have to go.

The rear of the house. [Edit: I have since installed a permanent mount for the HughesNet satellite Internet and removed the unused satellite TV dish. Yes, TV free for three years now.]

Although the driveway is coming back with the traffic, I still have a lot of weed control to do. The barn is in the background. It's set up for horses but has not had animals in it. Right now it's a staging area for junk and will hopefully have a future as a shop.

The front. I have cleaned the gutters of pine needles and started to trim the trees back from the house. I hope to finish before the insurance estimator arrives.

The basement room still in the unpacking stage. It's larger and will make a good office.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Place to Park for a While

I like the lower level garage

I removed the dog run as soon as I hit my head on the gate.

Woods in back and meadow to the front.

Main bathroom. Home Depot grade but in good condition.

Looking from the porch down Copper Gulch.

Winter view including some of the neighbors.