Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day Six: Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Today was the longest driving day at, if I recall correctly, about 540 miles.

One of the obligatory pictures. The weather is good so I press ahead to make the best of it.

The marker at "Zero Mile".

A fueling stop near Buckinghorse River. It's actually a camp for an oil exploration operation but they sell retail... at a price, of course. But they have it and I need it.

The Provincial Parks, while numerous, were either closed for the season or inaccessible because of deep snow. All the commercial RV parks in Fort Nelson, save this one, were also closed. I never saw the proprietor but there was a sign directing you to deposit the fee in a box outside the office. It was now snowing but a plow had been run through the spot and the electricity was on. I was in for the night.

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