Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day Seven: Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Part Two

Once I started down I was committed since I knew I couldn't get back up. But I did start to see breaks in the clouds.

The distant mountains don't show well here but the views were spectacular.

During a flat stretch in the descent I snapped a quick picture of some terrain in the distance.

The weather and road kept improving.

By Muncho Lake the skies were clear. There were many lakes and rivers but with few exceptions they were covered by ice and snow. This is looking north with the now narrow highway to the right.

At the same spot looking south.

A buffalo near Liard Hot Springs.

More buffalo from one of the many herds. The ground is actually showing in the sunny areas.

The rest of the drive to Watson Lake was pleasant and uneventful. All the RV parks were closed but I managed to track down the owner of one that had an area clear within reach of an electrical outlet. Although he was not really interested, cash talked and I parked behind his convenience store for the night. I appreciated his flexibility. The night was clear and very cold but pleasant.

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