Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Eight: Haines Junction, Yukon

The leg from Watson Lake to Haines Junction was on a clear, cold day.

A good reason to avoid driving after dark. These caribou are licking the salty treatment from the road. I stopped and they continued to ignore me.
I started to move slowly and eventually they moved off but I got a couple of "evil eyes" from them.

This is more like it. Clear skies, dry road and mountain views.

A quick picture through the windshield. There is very little traffic this time of year.

Mountains are almost always in view.

This RV park in Haines Junction was partially plowed and had a live electrical outlet. There was a sign directing you to pick a site and pay in the morning. The office was still closed in the morning so I put the payment in an envelope and dropped it in the mail slot. Only a few hundred miles to the border with Alaska!

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Martha said...

WOW, beautiful!! Good to see you carrying on... as must I as the school year draws to a close...

Looks cold and snowy- it's warm and rainy here!