Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early Planning

Although it's only mid-January, I know that it will be time to head north soon. My plan to winter in New Mexico while minimizing miles driven is working well. I move the RV fifty to eighty miles a week between campsites which minimizes fuel expense and allows me to get to know each area better.

This is an overview of the route from Denver to Fairbanks. I use Denver as my starting point since my storage building is a planned seasonal stop. It's just over three thousand miles which, for comparison, is about the distance from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California.

Of course the estimated 750 gallons required for a round trip gives me serious "gas pains". But the fuel allowance, free campsite and "parking" the RV for the summer with very low mileage will make the trip very inexpensive if not a "wash". Spend the summer in Alaska free? Sign me up!